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The next time there is a fire, are the fire hydrants in your community or at your place of business fit and ready to go?

At Hydrant Doctor® (aka Commercial Fire Hydrant Services), we have seen our share of "sick" hydrants.

Without the care of regular maintenance and certified repairs, the hydrants you depend on can fail to open, provide inadequate pressure, or even result in injury to the fire fighting teams responding to your emergency.


Get a Second Opinion!

Have you been told your hydrants need replaced?  Get a second opinion from the Hydrant Doctor®!

You could save $thousands without sacrificing quality or safety.  Contact the Hydrant Doctor® today! 

ASSE Backflow Certification

Backflow preventers, their testing and repairing are an important part of protecting public health.  Hydrant Doctor has achieved ASSE Certification to better serve you.

Visit our Backflow Preventers page for more information 

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The Hydrant Doctor® is looking to buy 5-inch nozzle barrels for B-50-B Darling Valve hydrants.
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The Hydrant Doctor®
is looking for parts

and or valve seat wrenches for use with  an old style R.D. Wood Company Swivel Head Fire Hydrant.  Read more.

Whether it is a fire hydrant, post indicator valve, or gate valve in a fire suppression system, you know that failure is not an option.

Hydrant Doctor®, an innovative but experienced hydrant repair service in the Pittsburgh area provides:

Working fire hydrants save lives. Hydrant Doctor® can save you thousands of dollars over hydrant replacement, parts procurement and inventory, as well as fines or damage resulting from neglected fire hydrants.

Please Contact Us to learn more about the services Hydrant Doctor® can provide to your business or community. On site hydrant repair and maintenance services provided throughout the Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania region.

Why Hire Hydrant Doctor®?

You don’t want accountability problems and you don’t want to endanger lives. It’s that simple. Hydrant Doctor® provides services to water authorities, factories, major corporations, colleges, municipalities, hospitals and nursing homes, shopping malls, power plants, warehouses, and more throughout the Pittsburgh region and the tri-state area. Nick Selembo has over 20 years experience with all makes and models of hydrants.

  • Know your fire hydrants are in perfect working condition and able to pass any inspection.
  • We are able to field strip and clean all affected parts, reassembling hydrants in "ready to go" condition in case of emergency.
  • Hydrant Doctor® uses specially fabricated tools and hydrant wrenches that save time, money, and wear and tear.
  • Large and small jobs, from some of the oldest hydrants to the newest models.

Hydrant Doctor® focuses on comprehensive preventative maintenance for your hydrants. A good PM program keeps fire hydrants, post indicator valves, and gate valves in smooth operating condition and helps prevent unforeseen capital expenditures. Why purchase new units in an emergency when PM and repair costs so much less?

Contact Us to inquire further about preventative maintenance or any of our services.

Hydrant Doctor® is fully insured
for maintenance and repair work on fire hydrants.

Save Money, Prevent Damage, Avoid FinesRemember, you can’t put a price on safety, but Hydrant Doctor® can fix and repair fire hydrants, post indicator valves, and gate valves for a great deal less than the cost of replacement. A single brand new hydrant costs as much as $5,000! Why not give us a call?

Safety Simplified

Even if you have your own maintenance crew, let Hydrant Doctor® eliminate all the problems with procurement, paperwork, work scheduling, overtime, and more.

On your own, an order for parts may take 4 to 8 weeks. Hydrant Doctor® can cut your fire hydrant repair time dramatically. Our specialty tools and replacement parts provide fast and effective repairs. Our experience speaks for itself: the Hydrant Doctor® has over 40,000 hours of experience in the field. Go with the industry leader, a trusted source for hydrant repair. Go with the Hydrant Doctor®.

Hydrant Doctor® has experience with fire hydrants manufactured by Clow Fire Protection Products, Darling, Eddy Valve, Mueller Company, Kennedy Valve, M&H Valve Company, American Flow Control, and more. With a large inventory of parts on hand and quick access to many others, we can expedite repairs and provide quick turn around, getting your hydrants in ready-to-go condition in the shortest time possible. Hydrant Doctor® has over 40,000 hours of hands-on experience. We know hydrants.

Service Area

Hydrant Doctor® (aka Commercial Fire Hydrant Services) provides fire hydrant maintenance and repair services throughout the Pittsburgh region, western PA and the Mid-Atlantic states.

Consulting, Training, and Preventative Maintenance Plans provided nationwide.

Providing on site services to cities including:

Pennsylvania:  Altoona, Bedford, DuBois,  Harrisburg, Indiana, Johnstown, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Somerset, State College, Uniontown, York

West Virginia: Clarksburg, Fairmont , Morgantown, Parkersburg, and Wheeling.

Ohio: Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus, Steubenville, and Youngstown.

Maryland: Frederick, Hagerstown, and Frederick, as well as DC Suburbs like Alexandria, Rockville, Silver Spring, and Gaithersburg.

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